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Jul 19, 2011 7:00pm EDT
photographer, curt brooks, followed the driver more than 25 miles and led police to their suspect. with his dash board camera rolling, curt captured the near head on collision and the suspect nearly running him off the road. the judge sentenced lee to a 60 day jail sentence with all but five days suspended. he was fined $300 and will have his license suspended for a year. >>> much of our nation in the grip of a sweltering heat wave tonight. roads are starting to buckle over in iowa and minnesota after days of these extreme conditions. the temperatures have topped 90 from oklahoma to chicago for days now and now that system is coming our way. anny hong is in for topper shutt. how bad should we expect it to get? >> triple digits in the next couple of days. first, we'll talk about storms. we did have severe thunderstorm warnings for frederick and loudoun county. we are seeing decent storms around our area. south of us, where you can see around clinton, charleston, looking at storms. out towards the eastern shore, we have severe thunderstorm warnings for caroline county and also talbot county.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1